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Also see ClipFlair ( follow-up project that supports revoicing and captioning, beyond the 2-line subtitling that LvS supported

Project Description
LvS is an audio/video subtitling application for the "Learning Via Subtitling" project, focusing on foreign language learning and teacher/student interation.

The main focus of Learning Via Subtitling is the development of educational material for active foreign language learning based on film subtitling. It aims to cover the exigency for active learning where cultural elements are involved effectively through real-life (simulated) activities and the need for productive use of multimedia not as nice add-on but as the core of an activity.

A pre-existing prototype (in Visual Basic 6) of a software environment (LvS) and pedagogical model (activity abstraction and pedagogical goals) have been further developed (redesigned and implemented in Visual / Microsoft .NET framework 2.0) and a sample activity for English has been created for evaluation purposes. Participating universities' tutors have developed activities for Romanian, Portuguese, Hungarian, Greek and Spanish and include them in existing language courses, where university students practice multimedia comprehension and written expression by adding subtitles to a (film) clip. One of its most innovative aspects is the fact that it provides a hands-on result: the outcome of the student's exercise is a subtitled clip.

The project is supported by a www portal ( aiming to provide effective partner communication and dissemination of project results, hosting the software itself, a library of video-clips, exercises and educational activities. Project outcomes will be further promoted through scientific publications and a workshop organized at the end of the project.

Sustainability of results is foreseen to extend far beyond the project's completion, as other universities, language schools, FL teachers' associations, and in general researchers interested on the use of ICT in education will be able to use the produced open-source software platform.

The original version of LvS can be found at If you have issues with the latest version you can download the version found there.


see troubleshooting info at Troubleshooting

Video Presentation

Project statistics
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